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Why Should You Tryout For Rebels LC Maryland?

The Rebels Lacrosse Club is heading to Maryland! Be part of the newest and most valuable club program in the state, Rebels LC Maryland. We are bringing the same core values that have lead to tremendous success on Long Island to the great state of Maryland.

  • Training Partnerships

    • All FO Athletes receive training with FOA (Greg Gurenlian's Company) on a regular basis.

    • All Goalies receive regular training (Big Announcement to come)

    • All players receive positional training WEEKLY with a top staff comprised of current, and past NCAA Coaches and Players, PLL Pros, HS Coaches and More!

  • The best gear in the game

  • National Program - Rebels has their OWN national program comprised of players from 20+ states that compete in some of the best tournaments around the country! (The Circuit, Sand Storm, Lake Placid, PLC, Inside Lacrosse, and much more)

  • Coaching - Every team will have highly qualified and professional coaches to teach the game the right way. This is in addition to the training access every Rebel will have access to.

  • Tournament Selection - Teams will compete in multiple tournaments each year that is the right fit for the team

  • Communication - Blatant has over 30 full-time employees that are dedicated to bringing the best possible experience to every family in the Maryland area.

  • Recruiting Guidance - Rebels LC recruiting staff has helped over 1000 athletes be placed in college, with over 250 D1 commitment placements. Our recruiting team consists of 5 former players and current coaches who know the recruiting circuit very well. Guidance on showcase invitations, national teams, prospect days, highlight films, and more will all be included with your Rebel tuition.

  • Social Media and Video - Players and teams will be showcased to our tens and thousands of social media followers. Make sure to follow our Rebels accounts on Instagram. @rebelslcmd @rebelsnational @rebelslc @blatantlacrosse

    • All recruiting age players will receive a Sports Recruit and HUDL account, along with access to film of every game played.

  • Rising Rebels and Clinics - Our Rising Rebels programs and camps/clinics are perfect for players preparing to get ready for club lacrosse!

Plus, all players that attend Rebels LC Maryland tryouts will be evaluated to play on Rebels National too!

Interested in trying out? Register today via our tryouts page at!



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